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Oil on Canvas
2m x 1.5m

Tim Watson-Munro

Tim Watson-Munro is one of Australia's preeminent Criminal psychologists.

Having assessed over 30,000 clients & appeared in Court as an expert witness over 3,000 times, Tim is now regularly called upon to provide expert crime assessments in the media.


His expertise has been significant in some of Australia's biggest criminal trials, and some of our most horrendous crimes. 

Dave had known Tim Watson-Munro’s “public” persona via the media and was intrigued at how Tim was able to maintain such a composed and articulate presence, after being exposed to some of the most horrendous crimes in recent Australian history, including his involvement in the Hoddle Street Massacre.

Unknown to Dave, both he and Tim shared a mutual friend. And one who knew Tim as his other “identity”, a warm, caring, loyal and very humble, family man.

Following their introduction, a mutual connection developed, and after much time with Tim, Dave Thomas uses his skill as an artist to adopt the role of Psychologist.

Dave journeys into the mind of a trailblazer in the Australian criminal justice system, and has endeavoured to show the Australian Public what lies deep inside the soul of an internationally acclaimed, Criminal Psychologist.

"The human behind the persona"...

Tim Watson-Munro is unique. And with his Archibald-Prize entry, Dave Thomas allows us the insight into the human, inside an incomparable man.

Dave describes this painting as one of his most challenging journeys.

As, the "artist becomes psychologist", and shows us - the light…endlessly surrounded by dark.


Photos: Steve Turner

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